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Plant-Based Recombinant Vaccine: Fact or Fiction?

Amir Ghaffar Shahriari, Maziar Habibi-Pirkoohi

In the era of recombinant DNA technology, production of recombinant vaccines in green plants has emerged as an effective approach addressing the problems of traditional vaccine production. Various antigens expressed in different plant species have been so far tested for the production of efficient oral vaccines against human and livestock diseases. However, recombinant vaccines have not yet found a prominent place in pharmaceutical market. There are still many challenges to be addressed to pave the road for commercial production of plant-based recombinant vaccines. Regarding increasing growth in laboratory studies and field trials for development of plant-based vaccines, this review paper provides a comprehensive overview on the topic of plant-derived vaccines and related issues. [GMJ.2017;6(4):268-80] DOI:10.22086/gmj.v6i3.792

Recombinant; Vaccine; Plant

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