Fast Track Review: From the 2016, the Galen Medical Journal (GMJ) adopts the new option for submitted article to GMJ

Authors sometimes have to meet publication deadlines, e.g. for promotion & tenure or thesis defense, grant proposals, spending of research funds before a certain deadline, publication of follow-up papers, or because the findings are deemed important. To facilitate a speedy turn-around when a rapid decision is required, GMJ offers a review model in which selected peer reviewers may be paid to deliver high-quality and speedy peer-review reports. This is optional - if you do not wish to pay for a fast-track peer review process, just submit your paper normally as described before in the instruction for authors. If you opt for fast-track review, you are guaranteed: a rapid editorial decision and peer-review comments within 14 work days (plus any additional holidays within that period) after submission and payment of the fee.Note: The editors reserve the right for final decision which means submitting for "Fast Track Review" will no guarantee a manuscript to be accepted but it makes the judging process faster than the routine review process.Fast Track Fee (FTF): 2,500,000 RialsPlease note that FTF apply only to submitted articles of Iranian authors. All other articles are exempt from these charges.