Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: The staff of Galen Medical Journal (GMJ) heartily wishes everyone Happy New Year!

We are at the start of a new year –a year that will see the publication of Volume 5, Number 4 of our journal.Obviously, GMJ has been very popular since we have recorded an increase in the number of submitted manuscripts of almost 40%. Authors from all over the world have entrusted us their manuscripts. We consider this as a big compliment, and we are very grateful. Each manuscript submitted to GMJ is a new adventure and opportunity. Yes, these manuscripts are keeping the editorial office quite busy, but at the same moment, they are also very inspiring. Moreover, the confidence of our authors enables us to be pickier than ever and select those manuscripts we believe have the biggest impact on other researchers, inspire them, and stimulate their work.We are trying to adopt new services for authors and aims to offer you the fastest possible speed of publication, without compromising on the quality of our peer-review process during 2017. Also, the new article processing charge (APS) become effective for payments made as of 1 January 2017. (see here)Of course, the scope covered by GMJ is very broad, and it is surely too broad for individual editors to cover all the diverse fields in detail. This is where our referees come into play, another group which deserves particular thanks and recognition. Countless scientists volunteered again check the submissions and help many authors improve their articles and help the editors to select the best articles. We are expressly grateful for this support. Their contribution to our journal cannot be overestimated.The GMJ has proven itself as an exciting forum for researchers and engineers from all relevant disciplines and provides an exciting mix of Original Article, Short Communications, Review Articles and Case Report, etc from experts in the field. Ensure that you keep your access to GMJ and recommend it to your librarian today.