Publish In Press and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs): New Service of GMJ for all manuscript

Once the accepted manuscripts appear in the "Articles in Press" area, they will be prepared for print and online publication, which includes copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and author review. This process may lead to differences between the accepted version of the manuscript and the final, published version. In some cases, a manuscript accepted and published ahead of print may be revised before it is eventually published in print and online. In these cases, a new revised version of the manuscript will be added online.A DOI can be used to cite and link to electronic articles where an article is in-press and full citation details are not yet known, but the article is available online. A DOI is guaranteed never to change, so you can use it as a permanent link to any electronic article.Each manuscript published in-press is citable, with the official publication date being the date of the manuscript's first online posting.