Continuous Article Publishing

As of 2018, Galen Medical Journal (GMJ) has changed its publication structure from paginated issues to a consecutive publishing model: Continuous Article Publishing.This means that papers are published in a volume/issue immediately after acceptance. The Online First queue has become obsolete and the time from submission to publication in an issue is now significantly shorter. Continuous Article Publishing gives articles full citation details instantly after online publication.As a further aspect of the new system, articles are no longer paginated sequentially by issue. Therefore, every article starts with page number 1. Page numbers are not used for article citation, but every article has a citation ID number, called the ArticleCitationID. The ArticleCitationID is replacing the page numbers in the citation line, which includes the journal citation title, year, volume number and ArticleCitationID now.Example:Old: GMJ. 2017:6(4):377-393New: GMJ. 2018:7(1):e432This method of citation is accepted by the Web of Science/Journal Citation Reports (ISI).We feel that our authors and readers greatly benefit from this change in the publication structure of GMJ.