Evaluation of the Defects of Removable Partial Dentures’ (RPD) Frameworks Made in Prosthodontics Department Of Qazvin Dentistry School Regarding Retention, Stability, and Support

  • Mohammad Amin Haddad Operative Department, School of Dentistry, Yazd University of Medical Sciences, Yazd
  • Mohammad Ebrahim Moosavi Sajad Operative Department, School of Dentistry, Yazd University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran
  • Shima Aalai Prosthodontics Department, School of Dentistry, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Qazvin , Iran
Keywords: Removable partial denture, framework, retention, support, stability, malfunction


Background: The metal framework of a removable partial denture includes various parts and metal components that supply strength, retention, stability, and support of partial denture. The purpose of this study is assessing the quality of the frameworks made in the department of prosthodontics, Qazvin school of dentistry, regarding their causes of malfunction, retention, stability, and support.Materials and Methods: Evaluation forms of removable partial denture metal frameworks for upper and lower jaws were separately designed. According to the forms, 39 frameworks were fitted and assessed on encoded casts and after that in oral cavity.Results: 11 males and 28 females (44±4.8 years old) were recruited in the study; 17 frameworks belonged to maxilla and 22 to mandible. In maxillary frameworks, 10 cases (58.8%) had goodretention, 6 (35.3%) had low and 1 (5.9%) had high retention. Moreover, 15 cases (88.2%) and 11 cases (71.64%) showed good support and stability, respectively, in all 3 hypothetical axes. Inmandibular frameworks, retentions in 14 cases (63.3%) were good, in 7 (8.31%) were low and in1 (4.6%) was high. Furthermore, 16 cases (72.7%) and 12 cases (54.5%) showed good supportand stability, respectively, in all hypothetical axes.Conclusion: The retention, stability and support of metal frameworks were approximatelyacceptable and appropriate. Most of the malfunctions and structural problems seem to be due to lack of experience and expertise. However, further studies and more training courses are needed to enhance the quality of these frameworks.


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