Frequency of Major Psychiatric Disorders in Patients with HIV in Health Care Centers of Rafsanjan and Kerman in 2012

  • Hossein Bagheripoor Rafsanjan university of medical sciences, Rafsanjan
  • Zahiraaddin Khaje Karimaddini. Rafsanjan university of medical sciences , Rafsanjan , Iran
  • Ahmad Purrashidi Boshrabadi. Medical student .Rafsanjan university of medical sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran
  • Ahmad Reza Sayyadi Anar Rafsanjan university of medical sciences ,Rafsanjan,
  • Masoud Sabouri Ghanad Research Center for Molecular Medicine, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, Iran
  • Reza Bidaki Rafsanjan university of medical sciences , Rafsanjan
  • Sara Hosseinpoor Isfahan university of medical sciences, Isfahan, Iran
  • Mohammad Hossein Salehi Shahrbabaki Rafsanjan university of medical sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran
  • Mahdy Shafee Kerman university of medical sciences, Kerman, Iran
  • Ali Ryahi Rafsanjan university of medical sciences , Rafsanjan, Iran
Keywords: major psychiatric disorders, mood disorder, psychotic disorder, anxiety disorder, human immune-deficiency virus (HIV)


Background: Psychiatric disorders are common in HIV-infected patients and for sure have direct impact on both prevention and management of diseases in these patients. In this research, the prevalence of major psychiatric disorders including mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders in HIV-infected patients of Rafsanjan and Kerman health care centers were determined.Materials and Methods: Eighty three HIV-infected patients were interviewed by a psychiatrist in above-mentioned health centers and their information was registered through a standard CIDI questionnaire (version 2.1) and was statistically analyzed.Results: In this study, Out of 83 participants, 71 cases (85.5%) were males and 12 (14.5%) were females. Their age range was from 21 to 62 years old. Sixty-nine cases (83.1%) were diagnosed with at least one major psychiatric disorder and 14 cases (16.9%) with none. Among the HIV-infected patients, 54 cases (65.1%) suffered from a mood disorder, 21 (25.3%) had psychotic and 41 (49.4%) had anxiety disorders.Conclusion: The current study showed that major psychiatric disorders were more common in HIV-infected patients in comparison to normal communities, so on-time diagnosis and therapy and proper management of these problems could be truly a promising step in global control of HIV in this part of Iran.


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