Correlation between HbA1C Serum Level and Sexual Dysfunction in Women with Diabetes Mellitus

Saeed Shakeri, Husein Beik Mohammadloo, Laleh Arabzadeh, Ali Reza Gholami Garaei
Introduction: To study association between the serum level HbA1C and severity of sexual dysfunction and compare sexual function in Diabetic and nondiabetic women. Methods: A total of 240 diabetic women aged 20-60 years old take part in this study which we selected 120 patients with exclusion criteria such as lack of psychosomatic disorder and compared with 120 healthy nondiabetic women. These two groups were matched by age and other parameters. The demographic and medical history data were extracted by 2 questionnaires. Physical exam was done for all subjects and finally female sexual function index (FSFI) questionnaire was filled for them. Check of HbA1C was made with Ion exchange, column chromatography. Results: Eighty eight persent of diabetic women and 72% of nondiabetic women had one or more problem in domains. There isn’t remarkable correlation between HbA1C <12% and FSF score, but in HbA1C >12%, FSF score decrease clearly (P<0.004)Severity of FSD in under weight or normal BMI diabetic women is less than overweight or obese diabetic women (P<0/036). There is a significant negative relation between educational and emotional level with FSD (P<0/001). Type of DM and FSD hasn’t any relation Conclusion: The prevalence of FSD in Iranian women is more than world researches. That is an important neglected problem with in women and physicians. [GMJ. 2012;1(1):13-19]
HbA1C; Diabetes Mellitus; Female; Sexual Dysfunction


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