Combined Factor V and Factor VIII Deficiency: A Case Report

  • Ehsan Shahverdi
  • Hassan Abolghasemi
  • Fardin Dolatimehr
  • Sara Beheshtian
  • Shima Melatshahi Chaeichi
  • Avishan Masoumi
Keywords: Combination, Factor V, Factor VIII


Background: Combined factor V and factor VIII deficiency (F5F8D, OMIM 227300) is a rare autosomal recessive bleeding disorder. It seems more common among Jews and Iranians, particularly in regions with frequent consanguineous marriages. Case Report: We describe a 5-yearold  girl  born  out  of  consanguineous  marriage  with  a  complaint  of  prolonged  bleeding  after dental extraction. There were no history of spontaneous bleeding and other coagulation defect symptoms. Conclusion: In frequent consanguineous marriage regions, inherited deficiency of factor V and VIII should be considered in patients with coagulation defect symptoms.[GMJ. 2016;5(1):42-44]


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