Hakim Imad al-Din Mahmud ibn-Mas'ud Shirazi (1515-1592), a Physician and Social Pathologist of Safavid Era

Seyyed Alireza Golshani, Behnam Dalfardi, Ezzat Sadat Motahari, Mehdi Dehghan Hesampour, Mahsa Ansari, Hassan Yarmohammadi

The Safavid era (1501–1736 AD) was the threshold of spreading security and welfare in the Iranian society. The era provided the chance for the talented to set steps for advancement. One of the characters in the history of Persian medicine who achieved successes in the shadow of the existing peace and security during the Safavid Empire was Hakim Imad al-Din Mahmud Shirazi. While he was ministered in the court of Shah Tahmasb Safavi (King Tahmasb), he enjoyed the patronage of Dar al-Shifa Razavi (Razavi health care service) in Mashhad. He managed to leave a legacy of valuable essay and complications resulting from the abundant experiences he gained through the journey to India. The present paper is a study about Hakim Imad al-Din's life and his essays.

Imad al-Din Mahmud Shirazi; India; Mashhad’ Al-Reza Hospital; Safavid; Shiraz

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